Mini skid steer loader in City Maintenance

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. Mini skid steer loader in City Maintenance

Urban Maintenance

In urban environments, the Mini Skid Steer Loader is particularly useful due to its compact design, especially in narrow and congested streets.

Able to easily navigate between city alleys and busy sidewalks, this machine is ideally suited for performing routine urban maintenance tasks.
Mini skid steer loader in City Maintenance

Multipurpose Operation

Road Sweeping

It can be equipped with sweeper attachments to effectively remove dust, leaves and other debris from roads and sidewalks, keeping the urban environment clean and tidy

Garbage removal

Equipped with specialized trash collection attachments for collecting and transporting debris and trash from city streets, from small packaging waste to larger discarded items.

Light maintenance work

Carry a small digging or filling attachment for filling potholes in the road or for simple road repair work, such as repairing broken sidewalk blocks or patching small cracks

Greening Maintenance

In urban green spaces or parks, it can be used for plant removal, soil preparation and small landscaping projects that help maintain and beautify public green spaces


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