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Boleo Corporation is a trusted and reliable company, manufacturing equipment for the construction, agricultural, forestry and landscaping and material handling industries. It’s our belief that no matter what site you’re working on – or its condition – you should be able to complete the task at hand quickly and with ease. That’s why we make machines that help you get more done in more places than you ever thought possible.Today, we design, engineer and build our equipment not only to be different, but to be the best.


A new age of machinery

Company Mission and Vision

We dominate the exclusive and respected field of construction machinery and equipment with world-pushing quality, major brand labels and maximum communication efforts.

Future-oriented projects and investments.

Brand Image

Brand Image

  • · Consumer-centric
  • · Committed to an industrial revolution that
  • · Re-conceptualise and redesign products.
  • · The brand image is youthful and distinctive with products featuring unique and extreme subversive characteristics.
  • · Provide sophisticated after-sales service to ensure that our customers have the best experience when using our products.

Brand Story

brand story

During a business trip to the United States, William, the founder, stood in front of the products of international brands Bobcat and Kubota, and felt the shock of the design and the excellence of the quality. At that moment, a strong desire came to his mind to elevate China’s engineering machinery manufacturing to a whole new level. So we decided not to be satisfied with the traditional image of Made in China, but to pursue innovation and excellence, and to make products respected by the world. This desire is not just to compete in the market, but to overturn the situation and change the face of China’s construction machinery industry. Instead of being satisfied with being a second-class citizen in the product world, we want to stand at the forefront of the international arena and lead the trend of the industry.

Back in China, a passionate project was started. Gathered elites from different fields, absorbed the most advanced technology and design thinking and integrated the international advanced industrial design into the genes of Chinese manufacturing. No longer satisfied with rough design and cheap products, but to give more sense of design and quality for Chinese manufacturing. China’s construction machinery can do better and create products that will attract the world’s attention. The brand’s vision is not only to produce excellent products but also to lead the Chinese construction machinery industry towards higher standards. The brand has redefined itself by adopting advanced technology, innovative design, and superior quality for Chinese construction machinery. It represents a new image of Made in China.

Our Quality Management System

International design award

International Design Award

In April 2022, Boleo won the International Design Award sponsored by German Red Dot — the Gold Award for the best contemporary design and was officially declared to be among the world’s highest standard of excellent industrial design.

EU patent

EU Patent

boleo has obtained a design patent in the European Union, which proves the uniqueness and

innovation of our products in terms of appearance


Design Patent Certificate

Boleo’s design patent certificate protects our products from being copied.


Utility Patents

The utility patents obtained by boleo are proof of the innovative functionality of our products.