Mini Excavator Landscaping

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. Mini Excavator Landscaping


The mini excavator is also widely used in landscaping. It is not only suitable for the maintenance of private gardens but also suitable for land arrangement, plant planting and landscape design of public green space.

In private gardens, it can be used for moving Heavy-duty plants, paving paths or soil renovations.

In larger public green space projects, mini excavators can efficiently level the land, dig plant pits and move large landscape elements.

Its spirit Activity and versatility make it easy for landscape designers to achieve complex landscape layouts and designs.

Multipurpose Operation

Private garden maintenance

In private gardens, mini excavator / a mini skid steer loader is used to move heavy plants such as large planters, sculptures or decorative stones. It can also be used to pave garden paths, including grading and laying gravel or bricks. In addition, the machine can be equipped with a tillage or tilling attachment for renewing the soil, preparing planting beds or mixing fertilizers

Public Green Space Projects

In broader public green spaces or parks, mini excavator / mini skid steers are used for grading large areas, digging large planting pits, and moving and placing heavy decorative elements such as rocks, timber, or water features in the landscape design

Planting and Transplanting

Equipped with the right clamps or buckets, mini excavator/ mini skid steers can be used to plant or transplant trees, shrubs and other large plants, especially where precise placement or deep digging is required.

Landscape Design Realization

Its flexibility and precise control allow landscape architects to realize complex landscape layouts and designs, such as creating water features, building small mounds or shaping feature flower beds

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