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Mini Skid Steer

Small Size, Powerful Performance

A mini skid steer enables operation and mobility in areas inaccessible to larger machines. Boleo mini skid steers are designed to perform significant tasks in confined spaces. They offer a practical alternative to manual labor, eliminating the need for hand tools and wheelbarrows, thereby enhancing efficiency in challenging work zones.

Small Skid Steer


Mini, Yet Mighty, Boleo compact skid steer work demonstration

Mini Compact Skid Steer Features & Benefits

Superior Performance

Achieve big machine performance with a compact package. Boleo small tracked loader is powered by a high-performance diesel engine and an efficient hydraulic system, offering fast cycle times, strong digging force, and excellent pushing capability.

Attachment Versatility

The Common Industry Interface allows for rapid attachment of various tools, such as buckets, pallet forks, and augers. This facilitates swift completion of diverse tasks that previously required more time to accomplish manually.

International Warranty

We can offer you unique reliability and peace of mind. We not only talk the talk but walk the walk with a genuine worldwide 2-year warranty on equipment, as well as a 3-year worldwide Kubota/Yanmar/Kohler engine warranty on any of our Boleo equipment.

Good Design

International design award
International Design Award

In April 2022, Boleo was awarded the Gold Medal for Contemporary Good Design, an international design award organized by the German Red Dot, and was officially declared to be among the world’s highest standard of excellent industrial design.

What is a mini skid steer used for

The Boleo® mini skid steer works with a wide range of available attachments. You can do anything from Auguring, Earthmoving, Tilling, and Trenching to Leveling, Lifting, Hauling, and Demolishing with one machine. Plus, with our full lineup, you can choose from gasoline or diesel models with tracks or wheels to fit the jobs you need to do.

For more information on the use of mini skid steers, please read this article “What is a Mini Skid Steer Loader Used For: The Definitive Guide

Mini Skid Steer Loader application scenarios 3

Mini skid steer manufacturer

Boleo Corporation is a trustworthy and reliable manufacturer of mini skid steers and mini excavators, producing equipment for the construction, agriculture, forestry, landscaping, and material handling industries.

whether you’re a contractor, landscaper, or homeowner, these machines will quickly become your go-to tool for a wide range of projects. Our Mini Skid Steers offer effortless operation and increased productivity. Effortlessly handle the toughest tasks, making your job more efficient and cost-effective.

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