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Kubota Diesel Engine

 Kubota’s D1105 diesel engine is a highly efficient and reliable engine for a wide range of applications. It belongs to one of Kubota’s D-series engines, which are known for their durability and high energy efficiency ratio.

role analysis

Kubota D1105 diesel engine is mainly used to provide power. It is capable of providing a stable and reliable power source for a variety of equipment and machinery, such as small agricultural machinery, construction machinery, industrial equipment, and generator sets. With its compact design and efficient power output, this engine is suitable for use in application scenarios that require efficient power and reliability.


Engine Model: D1105

Engine power: 18.2 kW

This three-cylinder engine features water-cooling technology to ensure stable performance during continuous operation.

It also features a direct injection fuel system to improve combustion efficiency and power output.

Benefits Analysis

High performance: The D1105 engine is designed to provide high fuel efficiency and low emission levels to meet today’s stringent environmental standards.

Reliability: Kubota is renowned for the reliability and durability of its engines, and the D1105 is no exception, capable of maintaining consistent performance in demanding operating environments.

Ease of Maintenance: This engine is designed to simplify maintenance, with easy-to-access components and clear maintenance instructions that make routine maintenance and troubleshooting easier.

Environmentally friendly: It has been designed with environmental needs in mind, with emissions below many international standards and a low impact on the environment.

Scene Description

Agriculture: drives a variety of agricultural machinery, such as tractors, harvesters and so on.

Construction: Provides power to construction equipment such as small excavators and road rollers.

Industrial: For power needs within factories, such as driving industrial pumps or generators.

Power Generation: as a power source for small to medium sized generator sets to provide power to remote areas or in emergency situations.

Other perspectives

Technological innovation: Kubota continues to innovate technologically, and the advanced technology used in the D1105 engine ensures a competitive advantage in its class.

Customer Service: Kubota offers comprehensive customer support and service to ensure users get the most out of their engines.

Global Network: As an international brand, Kubota has a worldwide sales and service network to ensure customers can easily purchase and maintain their D1105 engine.

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