Innovative Clamps

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. Innovative Clamps

Innovative Clamps

Specially designed clamps allow the machine to perform more delicate and specialized tasks, such as precisely moving and placing sensitive materials or equipment.

The clamps are also customized for specific engineering needs, such as special buckets for horticultural work or powerful clamps for rock and concrete work. These fixtures not only increase efficiency, but also enhance safety and reduce the need for manual labor.

Multipurpose Operation

Multi-functional clamps

These clamps enable the mini-excavator to perform many different tasks, such as holding and moving heavy loads, performing delicate excavation work or handling specific materials.

Customized solutions

Innovative clamps offer customized solutions for specific jobs, such as specific applications in special construction or engineering projects.

Increased Efficiency

These clamps allow the mini excavator to accomplish tasks faster and safer, while reducing the physical strain on the operator.



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