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Drive wheels are a crucial component of tracked mechanical equipment, directly connected to the travel motor and responsible for transmitting the power generated by the motor to the tracks to propel the machine forward or backward. This design ensures an efficient transfer of power, enabling the machine to move over a wide variety of terrain, whether it is a flat road or rough ground. The design of the teeth of the drive wheels and the internal engagement of the tracks ensures a stable and efficient power transmission, which is essential for improving the overall performance and operational efficiency of the machine.

Key benefits of drive wheels include their ability to provide a stable and continuous power transmission, ensuring that tracked equipment maintains good traction and manoeuvrability in a wide range of operating conditions. High-quality drive wheels are designed to be highly resistant to wear and damage and can withstand long periods of use without failure, significantly reducing maintenance costs and increasing equipment reliability. On construction sites, in mining operations, in agricultural farming and in military applications, the combination of drive wheels and track systems makes tracked machines ideal for heavy-duty work and in harsh environments, ensuring continuity and efficiency.

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