Mini Excavator Disaster Rescue

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. Mini Excavator Disaster Rescue

Disaster Rescue

Rapid removal of building rubble and collapsed structures to provide safe access for rescue teams.

Opening pathways for rescue and medical teams to access disaster areas, especially if transportation is cut off.

Precise excavation to rescue trapped people while minimizing damage to surrounding structures. Cleaning up mud and debris and restoring infrastructure after flooding occurs

Multipurpose Operation

Debris removal

Mini excavators are used to clear debris caused by earthquakes, hurricanes or other disasters. It is able to remove the debris of collapsed buildings and provide clear space for rescue efforts

Rescue tunnel opening

This machine quickly opens up access routes to ensure that rescue personnel and equipment can reach the affected area.

Emergency Excavation

When emergency access to a buried object or structure is required, the Mini Excavator is able to carry out precise excavation work, helping to minimize further injury to trapped personnel.


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