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DANFOSS Drive Motor

The DANFOSS travelling motor is a high performance hydraulic drive unit designed to provide powerful driving force for a wide range of mobile machinery. With a maximum continuous speed of 250rpm, a maximum continuous flow rate of 83lpm and a maximum continuous torque of 825Nm, the motor ensures that machinery and equipment maintains excellent motion and operational efficiency under all operating conditions.The DANFOSS travel motor is designed for durability and reliability, making it an indispensable power source for heavy machinery and mobile equipment.

The main advantage lies in its efficient energy conversion capability and excellent performance stability, making it suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, such as construction work, agricultural machinery, mining equipment and other situations where high torque and controlled speed are required. The high torque output ensures sufficient drive power even in the most demanding working environments, while the efficient flow management ensures smooth and precise operation. These features make DANFOSS travel motors the ideal choice for improving the performance and efficiency of machinery and equipment.

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