How Much Is a Mini Excavator Price

Mini excavator price comes in a wide range depending on their features, brand, and condition. Understanding these factors helps you […]


Mini excavator price comes in a wide range depending on their features, brand, and condition. Understanding these factors helps you make an informed purchase decision, whether opting for a new or used machine.

Pricing Ranges

New Mini Excavator Price

The cost of a brand new mini excavator usually begins at the higher side because it includes the latest technology, guarantees, and absence of use.

You will be paying anything from $20,000 for a basic model with limited capabilities, and up to $100,000 for a high-end model with advanced features and a larger size.

If you choose to add more attachments or select a machine with the latest technology like hybrid or electric power systems, these prices can increase even more.

Used Mini Excavator Price

For businesses that have a strict budget, buying a mini excavator that is used can be an economical choice. The cost of used mini excavators will differ according to how old they are, the number of hours they have worked, their maintenance records, and their general state.

But in general, you might see prices from around as low as $10,000 for older models or those requiring significant repairs, also, around $50,000 for late-model used machines that are in good working order.

What will Influence Mini Excavator Prices?

Factors determining the price of mini excavators are diverse and can largely affect cost.

Brand and Model

The cost of a mini excavator relies on its brand and model. Recognized brands such as Kubota, Bobcat, Hitachi, and John Deere might have higher prices. They are well-known for good quality, dependability, and service after purchase. Every brand has its range of models with certain features designed for different uses. Particular models can also influence the price. For example, a heavy-duty model is usually more costly than a standard model.

New vs. Used Equipment

The new ones possess the latest technology, a complete warranty as provided by the manufacturer, and no usage history which typically increases their prices. Alternatively, excavators that are already used have lower prices because they bear depreciation, deterioration, and possibly outdated tech features. On the other hand, a used machine that is well-maintained can provide businesses with limited budget resources with a low-cost answer.

Size and Weight

The cost of a mini excavator depends on its size and how much weight it can handle. Bigger models have more lifting and digging abilities. They will be more expensive than the smaller ones. The reason is that bigger machines are made to manage heavier workloads and usually come with stronger parts. Therefore, these make them cost more to produce.

Engine Power and Performance

Usually, models with more powerful engines are capable of handling tougher tasks, so they might have higher prices. Moreover, if an engine has better fuel efficiency or meets strict emission standards it may also increase its costliness.

A man is operating a mini excavator

Other Features

Current mini excavators possess many features and internal technologies that can improve their abilities.

Zero Tail Swing: In small areas, models with zero tail swing designs can move around better and not hit the things nearby.

Low Noise Levels: Mini excavators that emit low noise are good to use in residential places or environments sensitive to noise. They might cost more because of the extra engineering needed to reduce sounds.

Price Analysis by Brand

Different brands target different needs and tastes. Each brand has its strong points that can impact prices.

Kubota Mini Excavator Price

Price Range: $12,600 (used) to more than $65,200 (new with advanced features)

Kubota mini excavators are known for their low noise levels and fuel efficiency. They are suitable in both city and countryside environments where reducing noise pollution and keeping operational costs low are important factors. The compact size of these machines with features like easy operation and control also makes them a good choice.

Bobcat Mini Excavator Price

Price Range: $40,000 (used lower−end) to 90,000 (high-end used), starting at $50,060 for new models

Bobcat is a reliable option for those focusing on the operator’s comfort and efficiency. Bobcat’s compact excavators can be adjusted according to specific operator requirements. These machines provide an excellent ride experience and offer good visibility too. A Bobcat excavator is an investment that pays off over time because of the high-quality machine.

Hitachi Mini Excavator Price

Price Range: $10,100 (used) to about $40,600 (used with more features)

Hitachi pays very high attention to safety features in their mini excavators. This makes them a top pick for workplaces where secure operations are important. The strong dedication towards safety with good cost for used models results in a trustworthy and safe option.

John Deere Mini Excavator Price

Price Range: Used models from about $13,600 to $40,010 for well-equipped choices

The fame of John Deere for excellence and toughness is also seen in their compact excavators. Though they are recognized as a high-end brand, businesses can find used units at various costs.

SANY Mini Excavator Price

SANY, a major manufacturer from China, is recognized for its affordable rates and adaptable uses of mini excavators. The price range for an entry-level new model could be from $20,000 to $30,000. In terms of used mini excavators, their prices will be less expensive beginning at around $10k.

Additional Costs

Mini Excavator Attachments

Every attachment increases the total cost of a mini-excavator. While certain basic attachments might be included with the machine itself, many others will require separate purchases. The kind of job you plan to do with the mini excavator will decide what attachments you require.

Mini excavator bucket attachment

Shipping and Delivery Expenses

Except if you are buying from a nearby dealer, usually there will be extra expenses for shipping and delivery. These prices differ depending on how far away the machine needs to travel, its size and weight as well as the shipment method. Sometimes there could also exist import duties or taxes in certain situations.

Maintenance and Repair Costs

Maintenance is important for the mini excavator to continue working well and avoid expensive repairs in the future. Regular tasks like changing oil, replacing filters, and looking over it for any problems are necessary but they also have their costs. Additionally, just like with any heavy machine, there will be a requirement for repairing services gradually.

Operator Training

It is necessary to have well-trained operators. This could be formal lessons, getting safety certificates, or learning while working with a skilled operator. The cost of training may differ from place to place.

Last Words

At last, knowing the total cost of a mini excavator will help you make a more reasonable choice. When you have an idea of the general mini excavator price, you will get further knowledge about the mini excavator market.


Why do Chinese mini excavators cost less?

A Chinese mini excavator is usually cheaper because of various factors. This includes the lower cost of labor in China compared to other countries, advantages from economies of scale due to big production volumes, and streamlined supply chains that lessen overheads.

However, it is worth noting that a lower price does not necessarily indicate inferior quality; numerous Chinese brands provide trustworthy and adaptable mini excavators that align with industry norms.

How much should I pay for a mini excavator?

Deciding how much money you should give for a mini excavator relies on many things such as your particular requirements, the maker and type of machine, its age and state, features, as well as market rates. Prices for fresh models from trustworthy brands might start at around $20,000 and go up to over $ 100,000.

On the other hand, second-hand ones could be cheaper. You should also take into account all costs related to ownership like running expenses, and upkeep needs with any potential loaning costs involved. The budget must be in harmony with the quality and performance. Carry out thorough research, and make comparisons between various models.

How much is a mini excavator brand new?

As a general rule of thumb, fresh mini excavators that are basic may begin at around $20,000 to $30,000. However, more advanced models that have greater abilities could range from about $50k-$90k or even higher than this cost point. Top-of-the-line units might surpass 100K dollars in total price tag. Do your study on brands and models. This helps you understand what features and technologies they have, along with how well these match up with the needs of your project as well as its budget range.

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