How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Mini Excavator?

Mini excavators are recognized for their small size and flexibility. It’s easy for them to move around in tight spaces […]


Mini excavators are recognized for their small size and flexibility. It’s easy for them to move around in tight spaces and do a range of jobs that bigger machinery cannot handle. But what is the cost involved in renting one such handy machine? Let’s know how much does it cost to rent a mini excavator and explore the rental costs.

Key Takeaway

Renting a mini excavator typically costs between $225 and $575 per day, $700 to $1,550 per week, and $1,800 to $3,675 per month, depending on factors like size, location, and rental duration. Additional fees may apply for delivery, pickup, and fuel.

Mini Excavator Rental Costs

Many elements play a role in determining the cost of renting a mini excavator. The following content will explain these elements one by one.

Average Rental Rates

Daily: $225–575

Weekly: $700–1,550

Monthly: $1,800–3,675

Mini Excavator Sizes

Mini excavators are available in different sizes, usually starting from 3,500 lbs and going over 13,000 lbs. The bigger ones have more power and capacity. This often leads to increased rental rates. For example, a Chinese mini excavator that weighs 3,500 lb may cost around $150 per day for rent.

On the other hand, some heavier models could cost more than $350 each day on average. They are larger in weight and thus have better abilities to handle heavy-duty tasks like digging trenches or moving large amounts of earth quickly from one place to another.

A mini excavator


Geographical location also can greatly influence the rental costs of a mini excavator. They may differ considerably from city to city or even within various regions.

For instance, it is possible that renting this equipment in Phoenix, AZ could cost less compared to Boston, MA because of variations in local market conditions and the need for such services there.

Rental Duration

Daily rates generally cost more compared to renting for one week or one month because service and checking costs get divided over longer periods.

An instance might be that a daily rent is set at 225 to 575 dollars, whereas a weekly rental could range from 700 to 1,550 dollars, and finally, monthly rentals would be between 1,800 to 3,675 dollars.

Additional Costs

There are other expenses apart from the main rental fee. These could include fees for delivering and picking up the equipment, processing charges, taxes, and a safeguarding plan for your rented item.

In some cases, you might be asked to pay for fuel if you do not bring back the excavator with a full tank.

Popular Mini Excavator Rental Costs

Here’s a closer look at the estimated rental costs for different sizes of mini excavators.

3,500 lb Mini Excavator6,000 lb Mini Excavator7,500 lb Mini Excavator9,500 lb Mini Excavator11,000 lb Mini Excavator13,000 lb Mini Excavator

Benefits of Renting a Mini Excavator

1. Renting is usually cheaper than buying, especially when it comes to short-term or occasional use. This means you don’t have to pay a lot of money at the beginning and for ongoing maintenance costs.

2. The rental firm frequently has a variety of equipment, enabling you to select the particular model that matches your project needs.

3. Renting is more friendly to the environment since it encourages resource utilization and decreases the number of machines not in use.

4. Renting gives the freedom to adjust your equipment as per the needs of the task, offering flexibility in managing resources.

5. The collection of rental automobiles is frequently refreshed, so you can have access to the newest models equipped with better technology and characteristics.

6. If you have a project needing special equipment only for a short duration, renting provides a solution without the hassle of keeping and looking after it in the future.

A man is operating a mini excavator at the worksite.

Additional Considerations

Think about the boom type, job conditions, and terrain when you rent a mini excavator. Various booms have different flexibility and motion, which will impact the capabilities of the excavator.

The situation at your work site like space limits or what kind of material it is, will determine the suitable size and model for your hired excavator.

Last Words

Renting a mini excavator is not just an ordinary choice. It requires you to be strategic. You must consider the costs, measure your project, and how you will manage the operation.

Knowing the elements that affect rental rates and arranging accordingly will assist in keeping your project expenses under control while finishing it effectively. Always ask for information on extra charges, maintenance, and insurance to prevent unexpected situations.


What is the going rate for a mini excavator?

The usual cost for hiring a mini excavator depends on its size, how long you rent it, and where in the world. Usually, rates per day fluctuate from $225 to $575. Weekly rates are between $700 and $1,550. Monthly prices range from around $1800 up to about $3675.

Bigger models and lengthier rentals often present improved everyday costs because they lessen service and examination expenses. The renting prices can greatly differ by city due to the local market situation and how much people want this equipment there.

What to charge per hour for a mini excavator?

Normally, the cost by the hour is more than the daily rate if we look at it from an hourly perspective because this takes into account operational costs and service periods.

When deciding on an hourly rate, factors such as market rates, the size of the excavator, and local demand are important to consider. Usually, it might be around $50 to $150 per hour. But this is flexible and depends on the renting agreement.

How to price a mini excavator work?

To fix a proper price for mini excavator work, you need to think about a few things. You should include the cost of renting the machine, paying wages to the operator, fuel usage, and keeping it maintained and insured.

The intricacy of the job matters too along with the period or the project length plus local market rates also play their part in deciding prices. Quoting all costs is very important, so you don’t undercharge or overcharge.

What is the cost to rent a mini excavator?

The cost to rent a mini excavator ranges from $225 to $575 per day, $700 to $1,550 per week, and $1,800 to $3,675 per month, depending on the machine’s size, location, and rental duration. Additional fees may apply.

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