The Cheapest Mini Excavator: What You Must Know

Finding the cheapest mini excavator requires understanding various factors affecting prices and comparing options from multiple sources. This article will […]


Finding the cheapest mini excavator requires understanding various factors affecting prices and comparing options from multiple sources. This article will explain more information on finding the cheapest mini excavator.

Key Takeaways

1. Factors affecting mini excavator prices include size, engine power, bucket capacity, and additional features.

2. Research and compare prices from different dealers and online platforms.

3. Consider both new and used options, weighing the pros and cons.

4. Chinese brands like Boleo offer competitive pricing and quality.

5. Evaluate used mini excavators thoroughly before purchase.

What will Affect the Mini Excavator Price?

Mini excavators can have different prices. The factors that affect the price of a mini excavator are varied.

Size and Weight: The size and weight of mini excavators can vary greatly, with larger and heavier ones usually costing more because they have a higher work capacity and enhanced capabilities.

Engine Power: The engine power greatly affects the machine’s performance. Engines with more horsepower usually demand a higher cost.

Bucket Capacity: The bucket capacity decides how much material can be moved in one scoop. Naturally, bigger buckets cost more money.

Reach and Digging Depth: Mini excavators with greater reach and digging depth are more versatile and can handle a wider range of tasks. This also increases their price.

Attachments and Features: Extra attachments such as hammers, augers, or special buckets may make the price higher. Furthermore, characteristics like quick couplers or advanced control systems might also raise costs.

Drive System: The kind of drive system (tracked or wheeled) may also influence the cost.

The Cab: A more sophisticated and comfortable cab will cost more, along with improved safety aspects.

Fuel Efficiency: Vehicles with greater fuel efficiency might demand a higher initial cost, yet they can help save on running expenses over time.

Technology and Automation: If the equipment has modern technology like GPS guidance, automated control systems, or can be operated from a distance, this will greatly affect its price.

New vs Used: New excavators usually cost more compared to used ones, but they give you the comfort of a warranty and no past usage.

Costs related to the supply chain: The expense of getting parts and materials and the cost of transportation and logistics might impact the price.

Customization: If a mini excavator is for specific needs or preferences, this might raise the price.

A mini excavator

How to Find the Cheapest Mini Excavator?

Research the Market

Begin by comprehending the various kinds and forms of mini excavators in the market.

Identify the specific features and specifications that are important for your project needs.

Explore industry publications, trade fairs, and web forums to gather details on the newest models and what they can do.

Check the typical selling cost in the market for the kind of mini excavator you want.

Compare Prices from Different Dealers

Contact multiple dealers to get quotes for the mini excavator you want.

Ask for any available discounts, promotions, or special offers.

Consider the total cost, including any additional delivery, setup, or accessories fees.

Negotiate the price with dealers, using the quotes from other dealers as leverage.

Online Platforms and Auctions

Explore online marketplaces, auction websites, and classified ads for deals on mini excavators.

Look for reputable sellers with positive reviews and a history of successful transactions.

Watch out for deals that appear “too good to be true,” since they might include scams or unmentioned expenses.

Try using auction websites to purchase a mini excavator for less cost, but be ready to participate in a bidding competition.

Buying a Used Mini Excavator


Typically lower in price compared to new models.

Can often find good deals on well-maintained used equipment.

Depreciation is not a big issue, because the first owner has already suffered most of it.


Uncertainty about the equipment’s history and maintenance.

Potential for higher repair and maintenance costs.

May not come with a warranty or have a limited warranty.

How to Evaluate a Used Mini Excavator?

For assessing a mini excavator, look at how it appears physically, check its maintenance past, and evaluate how well it works. Check any indications of use like wear or harm on the machine, and see if repairs have been done. Make sure to confirm the hour meter reading to understand the usage level.

Please provide thorough service records to check the machine maintenance is good. Examine the machine’s functions, such as engine performance, hydraulics, and control systems. Think about how much it would cost to fix or renew any needed parts.

Cheapest Chinese Mini Excavator

Chinese mini excavator makers are taking more importance in the global market, gaining a name by offering competitive pricing while maintaining high quality. This is appealing to small businesses and individual contractors.

Last Words

Don’t only concentrate on finding something cheap. Also think about quality, dependability, and whether it fits your requirements. Do a careful market study, compare prices from various sellers, and look at new and old choices to find a machine with the most value for the money you invest.

In addition, many models have simple features that make it easy to choose a mini excavator that can adjust itself as per the work task and environment. The variety of choices available along with customization possibilities means you can make sure your machine is set up perfectly so it works at its best efficiency level, leading to higher productivity.


Are cheap mini excavators worth it?

Cheap mini excavators can be worth it, but only if they match your particular requirements and are in good condition. The value of a cheap mini excavator is determined by multiple factors such as its age, maintenance history, operational reliability, and what type of work you will use it for.

If a used excavator has been maintained well and suits the needs of your project, then it can save you substantial money compared to getting one new. We should balance the initial expense with the whole cost of owning it, to see if a low-cost mini excavator is worth investing in.

How cheap can a new mini excavator be?

The cost of a fresh mini excavator can fluctuate greatly, contingent on its magnitude, characteristics, brand, and market condition. The word “cheap” is relative.

However, the cheapest new mini excavators are probably small-sized models with basic features. These kinds might begin from about $10,000 to $20,000 but prices can increase rapidly due to extra abilities or if they come from famous brands.

It’s important to note that the cheapest new models may not offer the best performance or durability. You should consider the cost of owning a new excavator, including maintenance, operating costs, and potential financing charges.

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