Boleo Will Attend INTERMAT Paris 2024 – Evolve with the Brightest!

It is thrilling to announce that Boleo, an innovative Chinese mini excavator brand, will be joining INTERMAT 2024, the show […]


It is thrilling to announce that Boleo, an innovative Chinese mini excavator brand, will be joining INTERMAT 2024, the show for sustainable construction solutions and technologies.

Within this great exhibition, we will display our inventive products and technologies that aim to introduce uniqueness into the industry.

Event Details

Dates: April 24-27, 2024

Times: 9 am – 6 pm

Stands: 5b D127

Location: Paris-Nord Villepinte, France

Boleo is ready to make an impact with the 54-square-meter exhibition area, carefully designed to display our passion for sustainability and ingenuity.

Set in an outstanding section of the hit site, this exhibit space mirrors Boleo’s dedication to eco-friendly methods. The advanced decoration and design express both our values as well as what Boleo stands for.

At our stand, people coming to visit can see live displays of our products. Our team will be present to talk about features, uses, and technological progress that make these items unique in their respective markets.

At this event, Boleo will present two of our products – DIWAL X, a mini track loader, and ZEWEIT X, a mini excavator.


They are nice-looking and of good quality products, winning International Design Award. Moreover, Boleo holds certificates from TÜV, Euro Test, and CE; also following ISO 14001 standards shows their dedication to both quality control as well environmental responsibility.


Boleo's mini skid steer - DIWAL X

DIWAL X, Boleo’s mini skid steer, has a 2-year global warranty on the equipment and a 3-year worldwide engine warranty (Kubota/Yanmar/Kohler), showing the dedication to long-term dependability in our products.

The key components of the DIWAL X are from countries known for strict manufacturing standards. These include Japan, Germany, USA, Italy, and Switzerland.

With a wide range of attachments, the DIWAL X can handle a variety of tasks, from auguring and earthmoving to tilling, trenching, leveling, lifting, and demolishing. This versatility makes DIWAL X a useful tool for any work site.

Boleo offers both gasoline and diesel models of the DIWAL X, with the option of tracks or wheels. This customization allows you to choose the model that best fits your project’s needs.

As for maintenance, Boleo provides a full suite of maintenance kits and additionally provides spare parts for any required repairs and upkeep.


Boleo's mini excavator - ZEWEIT X

ZEWEIT X shares the same warranty plans with DIWAL X. This Chinese mini excavator has exceptional quality hydraulic parts from Italy and Japan, an EPA emission standard-compliant Yanmar engine, along American Gates hydraulic hoses. Such a combination results in a very dependable power and hydraulic system.

The mini excavator features a fully open cover for convenient routine maintenance, a good structure suitable for 1-ton, 1.5-ton, and 2-ton mini excavators, as well as reasonable space to make maintenance tasks easy.

The hydraulic pilot control delivers a smoother operation, and the boom cylinder permits more digging depth and enhanced cylinder protection.

With an upgraded two-speed travel motor, the machine provides faster travel at high speeds and more driving force at low speeds. This ensures the machine is ready for complex real-life scenarios.

Featuring a triple pipeline design, this mini excavator offers optional hydraulic and mechanical quick change. It also provides numerous attachments to meet the needs of different working conditions.

ZEWEIT X is equipped with a tail-less swivel, a standard telescopic base, and a boom deflection function for easy entry and operation in tight spaces.

INTERMAT Paris 2024

INTERMAT is a grand event that happens every 3 years at Paris-Nord Villepinte.

The focus of this year’s event is “low-carbon” with 4 main themes responding to major challenges in the sector: innovation, energy, new equations, and commitments.

This show will unite all people involved in the Construction and Civil Works sector, creating a common vision for the future. As it includes every kind of company, the show has to cover topics like low-carbon and digitalization by displaying their sophisticated equipment/machinery.

Moreover, inside the INTERMAT scene, we have World of Concrete Europe 2024 as well. This is an event within an event where we can delve deeper into the universe of sustainable concrete solutions. We will be investigating the latest advancements and exchanging knowledge that will mold construction in tomorrow’s world.

INTERMAT 2024 serves as an excellent platform for bringing all participants together. When you come to the Boleo stand, you can interact and engage with experts from the industry. Talking to them could lead to productive collaborations, uncovering fresh market prospects, and adding value to building a better tomorrow.

We are happy to have you see us in their exhibition space. Come join the change towards greener construction with Boleo and let’s evolve as one at INTERMAT 2024.

In addition to INTERMAT 2024, Boleo participates in other famous industry events like BAUMA and CONEXPO-CON/AGG.

Come with us, “Evolve with the Brightest,” at INTERMAT 2024 to see Boleo’s mission towards a more sustainable future!

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