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Attachment Drive Control Valves

An accessory multi-way directional valve is a key hydraulic control component designed to manipulate the movement of accessory cylinders and accessory hydraulic motors. By precisely controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid, this directional valve enables the fine manipulation of a wide range of hydraulic auxiliaries, such as buckets on excavators, lifting devices on agricultural machinery and other attachments on construction equipment. Its operational flexibility and high reliability make it indispensable in hydraulic systems that require the execution of complex manoeuvres.

The advantage is that they provide smooth and precise control to optimise the performance and efficiency of machinery and equipment. These directional valves are highly durable and able to work stably in harsh working environments, greatly improving the reliability of operation and ease of maintenance of the equipment. Used in a wide range of applications, including construction, agriculture, forestry, and other areas where hydraulic power is required, the Auxiliary Multi-Directional Valve provides powerful support for complex tasks by enhancing operational precision and flexibility.

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